Team 2018/19

ARIS Board

The six ARIS board members oversee all association activities. They are tracking and managing ARIS progress, defining and implementing strategic objectives, maintaining the partner network and executing legally binding activities on behalf of the association. All ARIS board members are either students, PhDs or young professionals.

Oliver Kirchhoff, ETH Zürich


Anna Kiener, HSLU

Vice President

Nicholas Eyring, ETH Zürich

Treasurer / Operations

Nils Bircher, University of Zurich

Industry Relations

Amir Mikail, ETH Zürich

Legal / Admin

Kujtesa Q Kryeziu, ZHAW

Academic Relations


This interdisciplinary project team is designing, building and flying the sounding rocket HEIDI for the Spaceport America Cup 2019. In only one year, they go through the complete product development process from scratch to a flying prototype.

Manuel Gerold, ETH Zürich

Project Manager

Paul Prantl, ETH Zürich

System Engineer

Felix Dannert, ETH Zürich

System Engineer

Fabian Wiesemüller, ETH Zürich

System Engineer

Pascal Steinmann, ZHAW

Testing Engineer / Safety Officer

Lukas Rother, ETH Zürich

System Engineering Support

Bogdan Danciu, ETH Zürich


Abhimanyu Bhadauria, ETH Zürich


Sam Bodry, ETH Zürich

Team Leader Structures / Propulsion

Mirela Minkova, ETH Zürich

Structural Engineer / CAD

Deia Melchior, HSLU

Structural Engineer / Connectors

Andreas Walker, ETH Zürich

Structural Engineer / CAD / FEA

Marco Torredimare, ETH Zürich

Structural Engineer / CAD

Eashan Saikia, ETH Zürich

Structural Engineer / FEA Specialist

Otso Gächter, ETH Zürich

Team Leader Recovery / CAD

Muriel Scherer, ETH Zürich

Recovery Engineer / CAD

Jérôme de Viragh, ETH Zürich

Recovery Engineer

Ertekin Sarper Melik, ETH Zürich

Recovery Engineer / Electronics

Julian Haug, ETH Zürich

Team Leader Avionics / Control Hardware

Petar Jokic, ETH Zürich

Team Leader Avionics / Electronic Hardware

Nikolaus Vertovec, ETH Zürich

Avionics / Airbrake Control

Roland Schwan, ETH Zürich

Avionics / Airbrake Control

Luca Somm, ETH Zürich

Avionics / Telemetry Engineer

Pascal Sommer, ETH Zürich

Avionics / Groundstation

Timo Laaksonlaita, ETH Zürich

Avionics / Embedded Software

Sven Kiefer, ETH Zürich

Payload Manager

Nikola Radevic, ETH Zürich


Tom Kuchler, ETH Zürich


Severin Kiefer, ETH Zürich

Payload / CAD


This research & development team is building the hybrid rocket engine and testing facilities for future ARIS rockets at the Spaceport America Cup and beyond. This team faces the organisational and technical challenge of being the pioneers of such a system in Switzerland.

Christoph Germann, ETH Zürich

Project Manager

Davide Frey, ETH Zürich

System Engineer

Nicolas Streit, ETH Zürich

System Engineer

Shady Elshater, ETH Zürich

Test Stand Engineer

Maximilian Leeb, ETH Zürich

Safety Officer

Filip Lolland, NTNU Trondheim (NOR)

Engine Design

Lukas Hauser, ETH Zürich

Ignition System

Andrea Schorn, ETH Zürich

Testing Engineer

David Martinez, ETH Zürich

Fluid Supply System

Anushka Gaikwad, ETH Zürich

Electronics Software Engineer

Andreas Stankowski, ETH Zürich

Electronics Hardware Engineer

Marketing and Operations

A dedicated team centralises finances, sponsoring, marketing, events, infrastructures, logistics and resource management. These teams take on overarching tasks to support the teams, make everyone’s life easier.

Nelly Pfluger, ZHAW

Head of Marketing and Sponsoring

Yulia Yuts, ETH Zürich

Social Media

Andreas Baumann, ETH Zürich


Gilles Mouwakadie, ETH Zürich

Head of Operations

Q Kryeziu, ZHAW


Aleksandar Totev, ETH Zürich


Yassine M’Hamdi, ETH Zürich

Resource Management

Arnau Segura Doncel, ETH Zürich


Michail Efthymiadis, ETH Zürich


Aristotelis Vasileiou, ETH Zurich

Head of Human Resources


Rocket science can be learned from a book, performing as team not really. A coaching team composed mainly of ARIS veterans ensures knowledge transfer, team performance and personal growth of the individual members.

Kerrin Weiss, ETH Zürich

Coach of Coaches

Eeva Tervahartiala, ETH Zürich

Coach Marketing, Sponsoring and Operations Team

David Häusermann, ETH Zürich

Coach Structures Team

Kaju Bubanja, ETH Zürich

Coach Simulations Team

Ferdinand Wittmann, ETH Zürich

Coach Recovery Team

Alessandro Forino, ETH Zürich

Coach Avionics Team

Marco Trentini, ETH Zürich

Coach Hybrid Engine Team

Samuel Balula, ETH Zürich

Avionics Expert

Serjosha Robmann, ETH Zürich

Structures Expert

Andreas Michalski, ETH Zürich

Coach Marketing Team