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ARIS is a non-profit association as of art. 60 ff ZGB and financed independently through sponsoring support. Our members are students or young professionals from renowned Swiss universities and contribute voluntarily to ARIS. With the resources available, we inspire the next generation, form students in hands-on space engineering projects and build actual flight hardware. We live ambition, transparency and personal growth.



We live passion and spread inspiration across  society. Become part of our success and endeavour and find out how you can shape the future with us.

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We form and shape engineers, managers and leaders that go into the World. Find out how you can become part of our partner network.

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Donate and become part of the endeavour

Be part of the community

At least once a year, we conduct a keynote with a top-of-the-World speaker. Be in the front row, get inspired and join all our events.

Get a tour in the ARIS hub

We are passionate about space, and we love to talk about it. Come by for a visit with your family, see and feel what rockets are made of.

Have your name on the rocket

Our well-engineered hardware actually flies high and on an international platform. Have your name on it and fly with our rockets!

CHF 500

Enable us to lift 200g off the ground (two chocolate bars)

… and have your name on the rocket. Receive our newsletters and ARIS merchandise.

CHF 2’000

Enable us to build a parachute and re-use our rocket

… and have your name on the rocket. Receive our newsletters and ARIS merchandise.

Be invited to our closed and public events and get a tour in the ARIS hub.

> CHF 5’000

Enable us to conduct a full scale test launch

… and have your name on the rocket. Receive our newsletters and ARIS merchandise. Be invited to our closed and public events and get a tour in the ARIS hub.

In addition, be mentioned as an initiative patron on our platforms.

*Donations to ARIS can be deducted from the taxes in the Canton of Zurich



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For the next generation engineers and leaders

Through strong partnerships in the space and non-space industry, we aggregate the capability to gradually move closer to the final frontier. We see space technology and exploration as an enabler to build a sustainable future. With win-win collaborations, we create value-added for economy and society.


Value proposition

Access to talent pool

ARIS provides a collaborative, international real-world setting and forms team players –  engineers and leaders that are resilient, capable and committed through the experience of failure and success. Get first-hand access to them.

Logo presence

Support a specific project and get a prominent position on the hardware, team apparel, homepage and sponsor’s banner. Make your support visible wherever ARIS flies.

Social media, events and outreach

We do things and talk about them. We share our story and successes and let people know who made it possible. We offer customized social media posts, mentioning at events or technical presentations and access to our foto pool.

Swissness and ambition on a global stage

ARIS stands for engineering and organizational excellence as a student team. Together with our partners, we reach for the stars and share the successes. Together, we form a generation of active, encouraged and capable engineers and leaders.

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Support types


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To reach our objectives, we rely on support from academia, industry and privates in terms of expertise, material sponsoring and financial support. We provide a platform to make your support visible, to actively shape and attract the next generation of engineers and leaders, and to engage in an inspiring community.

Financial support

ARIS conducts outreach with schools, events with the public and moves on an international platform. Many activities and components and services are only available commercially. Help us lifting off by supporting us financially!

Value-in-kind support

ARIS develops and builds high-standard engineering prototypes. Support us directly with mechanical or electrical components and services. Involve and educate our students as far as possible down in the value chain!

Expertise / Review Board

We aim for sustainable success and reliability. Space is one field of application, and we know that your expertise in engineering, policy or management will enable us to learn from each other. Join our review and expert board!

Sustainable partnerships are built by people. Meet the team!