Project IRIDE

Our passion

A new journey

16 September 2019 marked the start of the first ETH Focus Project organized by ARIS. The successor of project RHEA comprises of 8 bachelor students in mechanical engineering.

Our passion for engineering and our fascination for space motivate us to work to solve new challenges almost full time under the supervision of Prof. Lino Guzzella from the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) of ETH Zürich.

Our mission

Building a hybrid rocket engine

We are building the second generation hybrid rocket engine of ARIS. Our aim is to build a reliable hybrid rocket engine which can provide 5 kN of thrust to propel a sounding rocket.

Our engine is named IRIDE (ì-ri-de), Italian for iris, the colored part of the eye. The name is related to the Greek goddess Iris, messenger of the gods and patroness of the rainbow, sea and sky. She is often represented as a flying hybrid creature, just what we aim to achieve with our engine.

Our concept

What is a hybrid rocket engine?

There are three types of rocket engines: liquid, solid and hybrid. In our hybrid rocket engine, we use solid fuel and liquid oxidizer. This offers us the following advantages compared to the other two engine types:

High Safety

Our hybrid rocket engine shows better safety characteristics than liquid and solid engines.

Low Complexity

Our hybrid rocket engine shows lower complexity than liquid engines.


Thrust throttling can enable our engine to reach the desired height by performing accordingly.

Research and Innovation

Our hybrid rocket engine enables us to take steps in development in the less researched area of the aerospace industry.

Our goals





Our test infrastructure

Our container enables us to safely monitor the firing operations

Our container is split into three parts: engine compartment, fluid supply system compartment and electronics compartment. Through our electronics compartment, we can establish a connection to our bunker and monitor the engine performance from a safe distance.

Our Team

Shady Elshater

Project Manager & System Engineer

Pascal Müller

Control & Testing

Julius Wymann

Injector & Casing

Ianco Cregut

Grain & Casing

Felix Winghart

Fluid Supply System

Mirela Minkova

Control & Media

Philip Wolf

Igniter & Testbench

Stefan Schmid

Nozzle & Testbench

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Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz (ARIS) HPT C 117.1

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1 8093 Zürich

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