Project IRIDE

ARIS’ second generation Hybrid Rocket Engine

The successor to RHEA aims to build a reliable and lightweight engine,
which enables a peak thrust of at least 5 kN to propel a sounding rocket.

ARIS’ first Focus Project

16 September 2019 saw the start of the first ETH focus project organized by ARIS.

It is named IRIDE (pronounced ì-ri-de), “iris” in italian, the colored part of the eye which surrounds the pupil.
Its name is related to the Greek goddess of the rainbow, sea and sky, as well as messenger of the gods, “Iris”. 

The team of 8 bachelor students in mechanical engineering is working almost full time under supervision of Prof. Lino Guzzella from the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) of ETH Zürich.





Our Team

Shady Elshater

Project Manager & System Engineer

Pascal Müller

Control & Testing

Julius Wymann

Injector & Casing

Ianco Cregut

Grain & Casing

Felix Winghart

Fluid Supply System

Mirela Minkova


Philip Wolf

Igniter & Testbench

Stefan Schmid

Nozzle & Testbench

– The enablers of Project IRIDE –

Contact Us

Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz (ARIS)
HPT C 117.1
Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1
8093 Zürich

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