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We are recruiting for 2019/20

We are looking for students to join our engineering, simulations and management teams.
Apply now, contribute to a prestigious endeavor, and shape the future besides your studies !

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Gain project experience in a real-world setting

Take initiative outside the classroom and complement the theory with the praxis in a hands-on space engineering project.

Develop teamwork and leadership skills

Be part of an interdisciplinary team of over 50 passionate and engaged students. Improve your interactive skills and grow as a person.

Build life-long friendships and kick-start your career

Make long-lasting connections by working towards the common ambitious goal and grow your network in industry and academia.

Apply theory into practice

Use your knowledge and combine science with engineering, management and teamwork to make a vision become reality!

Work in a passionate team

Be part of a highly motivated, dedicated team that gets the impossible done. Bond by living through failures and successes!

Learn from the big ones

Learn fast through a vast network in industry, academia and former ARIS members. Build up on it and create your own expertise!

Join the Rocket Team or the Business Team

For fall 2019, ARIS offers possibilities as engineers / applied scientist or leader in the rocket team, or as manager in the business teams. Check out the open positions below.


We are looking for committed students willing to voluntarily spend about 15-40 hours per week (depending on the position) to grow and develop their practical skills in an interdisciplinary team besides their studies. Passion and availability are the most important for us. We expect you to bring self-initiative and be able to meet deadlines. For some positions specific technical skills are required.

To apply, please send us your CV and a motivation letter to

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Business Team

Human Resources Manager

HR Team

Design & Content Manager

Marketing Team

Financial Manager

Operations Team

Rocket Team

Currently there are no engineering positions open anymore..