Team 2017/18

The ARIS network – our former members carry the pioneering culture into the world

ARIS forms people through its activities and projects and with it the next generation of engineers, managers and leaders. ARIS members are recruited across the best universities in Switzerland and follow careers all over the world. Find here the members that shaped the ARIS family.

Former ARIS Board Members

The ARIS association board carries the main responsibility for all activities and projects of ARIS and provides strategic guidance.

Like an executive board in a company, these members oversaw and formed ARIS to what it is today and what it will be in future.

Anna Kiener

ARIS Vice President
Nov 2018 – Mai 2019

As Vice President and System Engineer in project TELL Anna laid the foundations for ARIS’ high technical standards and team performance at the Spaceport America Cup.

Clint Kurinjirappalli

ARIS External Relations
Sept 2017 – Nov 2018

As Co-Founder of ARIS and External Relations responsible in the ARIS board and as Head of Marketing & Sponsoring, Clint laid the foundation of ARIS partner network and visibility.

Meriem Ben Miled

ARIS Vice President
Sept 2017 – Nov 2018

Meriem served ARIS in the position as Vice President in the ARIS board and in the Simulations Team from September 2017 to December 2017.

Team TELL 2018

The sounding rocket project TELL was the inaugural project of ARIS from 2017-2018, culminating in the participation at the Spaceport America Cup 2019. Although TELL exploded due to an overpressurization of the commercial motor, the team won the Charles Hoult Award for Modeling and Simulations – at the very first participation of an ARIS team in an international competition.

As the first ARIS team, the members of TELL performed pioneering efforts and tasks that laid the foundations for ARIS and all projects to come.

learn more about project TELL

Oliver Kirchhoff
Project Manager

Oliver established the organizational and technical structure and led the team to and through the Spaceport America Cup.

Kerrin Weiss
Team Coach

Kerrin enabled growth and improvement as individual and team during project TELL, and initiated and led the ARIS internal coaching structure.

Anna Kiener 
Chief Engineer

Anna coordinated system engineering activities and led the technical team during the development of the rocket and the launch campaign.

Pius Durrer 
System Engineering Support

 Pius set up the testing procedure and supported various teams with his expertise and network.

Martin Buttenschön
System Engineering Support

Martin supported setting up the requirements, planning and testing framework, and helped leading the Avionics team.

Theodore Koutros
System Engineering Support

Theodore helped project TELL to establish the system engineering framework and supported the marketing team.

Nicholas Eyring
Head of Operations

Nick established an operational foothold for the newly-founded initiative, cultivating both the technical and non-technical capablities of the team.

Paulina Vachet
Operations Manager

Paulina elaborated various operational basics, secured the infrastructure for ARIS in the long run, and was key for implementating the House of Switzerland.

Sonja Jones
US Logistics

Sonja planned, coordinated and led the team’s travel from Switzerland to the Spaceport America Cup and the logistics inside the US.

Amir Mikail
Legal Affairs & Transportation

As member of the ARIS Board, Amir elaborated the legal frame of ARIS and coordinated the transportation of the rocket to the US.

Clint Kurinjirappalli
Head of Sponsoring & Marketing

As Head of Marketing & Sponsoring and member of the ARIS Board, Clint laid the foundation of the ARIS partner network and visibility.

Eeva Tervahartiala

Eeva participated in various marketing activities and established the ARIS homepage and newsletters during project TELL.

Peter Balicki

Peter shot and edited all the ARIS videos during project TELL, such that ARIS was able to share the passion and experience with its community.

Cristina Mercandetti
Social Media Support

Cristina helped initiating the association and supported our marketing team by setting up the first ARIS social media channels.

Ziga Brencic
Team Leader Simulations

Ziga lead the simulations team in the second half of project TELL and wrote a program that predicts rockets landing site based on wind conditions.

Meriem Ben Miled

Meriem served ARIS in the position as Vice President in the ARIS board and as from Sept 2017 until Nov 2018 and as Team Leader Simulations from Sept 2017 to Dec 2017.

Gian Andrea Müller

During project TELL, Gian Andrea was responsible for trajectory simulation in Matlab as well as RockSim and participated in prototype development for control.

Andrea Nessi
Team Leader Structures

As leader of the structures team, Andrea coordinated the design, manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing of the TELL rocket structure.

David Häusermann
Structural Engineer

David established and supervised the top-down CAD model of the rocket, designed structural components and led the composite manufacturing processes of project TELL.

Serjosha Robmann
Structural Engineer

Serjosha designed critical components like the airbrake module of TELL, conducted FE analyses, and manufactured both metallic and composite parts.

Deia Melchior
Structural Engineer

During project TELL, Deia worked on the design of the coupling pieces of the rocket shell and manufactured several metallic parts himself.

Paul Prantl
Structural Engineer

Paul manufactured composite parts such as the nosecone, supported the integration the rocket TELL, and helped out in ARIS wherever needed.

Tun Kapgen
Structural Engineering Support

Tun supported the structures team in developing the outer shell and internal structure of the rocket TELL, and produced 3D-printed parts.

Marcel Kraft
Structural Engineering Support

Marcel supported the structures team in developing the first concepts and designs of TELL and the manufacturing of the outer shell.

Alexander Schmid
Team Leader Propulsion / Safety Officer

Alex was reponsible for the propulsion systems during project TELL, established and led launch operations at the Spaceport America Cup and realized the design of TELL I/II.

Laurent Jung
Propulsion Engineer

During project TELL, Laurent led the evaluation for developing a solid rocket motor in Switzerland and conducted investigations on hybrid rocket engines.

Robert Gandia Reichmuth
Propulsion Engineer

Robert designed, coordinated the manufacturing and assembled the first ARIS rocket motor test bench, and evaluated concepts for propellant production.

Ivan Abramovic
Propulsion Engineer

Ivan, the only Chemist in project TELL, evaluated solid propellants for development in Switzerland and investigated concepts for hybrid propellant manufacturing.

Giovanni Langella
Team Leader Recovery

Giovanni was responsible for designing, building and testing of the recovery system, and planned the activities of a team of three people during project TELL.

Ferdinand Wittmann
Recovery Engineer / Electronics

Ferdinand designed, manufactured and tested TELL’s parachute recovery system, in particular its flight critical electronics.

Christian Bärtschi
Recovery Engineer / Hardware

Christian worked on the design, manufacturing and testing of TELL’s parachute system, including producing of 3D-printed parts.

Marco Trentini
Team Leader Avionics

Marco coordinated and led the assembly, integration and testing of the on-board avionics amongst five people in the second half of project TELL.

Raphael Schnider
Team Leader Avionics /
Embedded System Eng.

Raphael led the design and manufacturing of TELL’s avionics and wrote its software using a real-time operating system and a finite state machine.

Alessandro Forino
Avionics Engineer / Hardware

Alessandro designed, manufactured, assembled, integrated and tested the control and telemetry electronic hardware, including the design of the PCBs.

Fabian Lyck
Avionics Engineer / Hard- & Software

For project TELL, Fabian wrote the flight software and implemented an infinite horizon chance-constrained optimal control algorithm for the airbrakes of the rocket.

Pascal Sommer
Avionics Engineer / Ground Station

Dominic Hagman
Avionics Engineering Support

Dominic supported the Avionics team in the design, manufacturing and testing of the PCBs of TELL.

Lucien Erdin
Avionics Engineering Support

Lucien supported the Avionics team in the design, manufacturing and testing of the PCBs of TELL.

Thomas Lew
Avionics / Airbrake Modeling & Control

Thomas designed the control algorithm guiding the rocket TELL to a target altitude of 10’000 ft.

Philip Verwegen
Team Leader Payload

Phillip evaluated different concepts for ejectable payloads and detailed the design of a foldable quadrocopter drone payload.

Bruno Frutig
Payload Engineer

Bruno was responsible for the development, integration and recovery of a scientific payload in TELL: a camera to film biologic cells during flight.

Alexander Barden
Payload Engineer

Alexander investigated concepts for a foldable quadrocopter drone payload during project TELL.