Akademische Raumfahrt Initiative Schweiz

The student association for space in the german part of Switzerland

ARIS brings together students from Swiss universities fascinated by space exploration. Formed around ETH Zurich, HSLU, and ZHAW, we engage our members in engineering challenges by integrating theory and practice. We do not only build rockets, but we also embrace the personal development of our members and the involvement of our partners.

Together, we believe, we can reach the stars.

Made in Switzerland.

Meant for Space.

We combine space exploration with Swiss quality excellence and push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. In the next five years ARIS aims to win the Spaceport America Cup with a completely student-developed sounding rocket, and in the next ten years to fly a system in low Earth orbit.

Form the engineers and leaders of tomorrow

ARIS is the launch vehicle that enables students to grow beyond themselves and to apply their knowledge. We form capable and resilient engineers, scientists, managers and leaders through our interdisciplinary, collaborative real-world setting. Our alumni can define a vision and realize it.

Involve the community

Space exploration and the universe are an inspiration – a symbol for growth and pushing the boundaries of the known. With our work, we inspire the next generation for space and for realizing their big dreams. Through our activities, the partner network and our outreach create a bond of the third kind.

From Switzerland to Space

Two years. Two rockets. Two awards.

Ready to go the next step.

ARIS was founded in August 2017. We launched two rockets at the Spaceport America Cup, won two awards and enabled a keynote with an astronaut and the Head of the NASA Science Missions Directorate. We inspired hundreds of children with our events and provided a springboard for the careers of our members.


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Project TELL 2018

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Project RHEA 2019

ARIS’ first scientific paper: Chance-Constrained Optimal Altitude Control of a Rocket

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ARIS annual report 2018/19


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– Initiative Partners –

Ich freue mich sehr, dass unter ARIS ein Team von Studierenden sich gefunden hat, um gemeinsam eine Raumfahrtrakete zu bauen und am internationalen Wettbewerb teilzunehmen. Dies ermöglicht Studierenden nicht nur wertvolle Erfahrungen im Ingenieurwesen zu sammeln, sondern auch zu erfahren, was es heisst im Team zu arbeiten, ein Projekt zu vermarkten und Gelder zu beschaffen. Ich wünsche von ganzem Herzen viel Erfolg!

ETH Zürich Rector
Prof. Dr. Sarah Springman

Rector of ETH Zürich

– – Ich gratuliere zur Initiative, eine Raumfahrtrakete zu bauen und sich dem Wettbewerb mit andern Teams zu stellen. ARIS bringt Studierende zusammen, um gemeinsam an einer ingenieurtechnischen Herausforderung zu arbeiten und dabei wichtige Erfahrungen im Transfer ihres Wissens in die Praxis zu sammeln.

   ETH Zurich President
Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella

Former President of ETH Zürich

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– Industry Partners –

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