Project RHEA

RHEA – Hybrid Rocket Engine

A team of highly motivated students is developing a Hybrid Rocket Engine to propel future ARIS rockets. This engine will enable to better control the rocket’s flight and even use non-hazardous green propellants!

Focus of Project RHEA

The main goal of project RHEA is to integrate the engine into the ARIS rocket for the Spaceport America Cup in 2021. In order to achieve this, two generations of engines will be developed and a test facility will be set up.
A small team of 11 students is currently defining the project, establishing
the first concepts for the testing infrastructure and the engine as well as
bringing together partners from academia and industry. 


For the first generation of the engine, project RHEA aims for a thrust of 400 – 700N. The purpose of this engine is to validate the subsystems and get first test results on the grain regression rate.


For the second generation, the engine thrust will be scaled up to 2.5 – 3kN. 
Different nozzle types and grain structures will be tested to increase the perfomance.


In order to test the engine, project RHEA will set up a test facility with a fluid supply system for the oxidizer as well as a data acquisition and control system to control the valves.