Join the ARIS team!

The recruiting window for the teams 2019/20 is open!

Apply now to the ARIS student team and shape the future besides your studies!

• Contribute to a prestigious endeavor
• Take initiative outside of the class room and gain hands-on experience
• Develop your teamwork and leadership skills
• Grow your network and build lifelong friendships
• Kick-start your career!

We are looking for committed students willing to voluntarily spend about 20-40 hours a week to grow and develop their practical skills in an interdisciplinary team. Passion and availability are the most important for us. We expect you to bring self-initiative and be able to meet deadlines. For some positions specific technical skills are required.

To apply, please send us your CV and a motivation letter to according to the following deadlines:

Leadership positions: until May 31, 2019
Team members: until June 30, 2019
Open management positions: all time

Start Now!Start Fall 2019

Start Now!

Sponsoring and Relations Manager

Marketing Team

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources

System Engineer

Rocket team

Project Manager 

Rocket team

Project manager

 Strategic Development Team

Financial Manager


Logistics Manager

Operations, ARIS

Start Fall 2019

System Engineer

Strategic Development Team, Fall 2019

System Engineer 

Rocket team, Fall 2019

Subsystem Team Leader

Rocket team, Fall 2019

Testing Engineer

ARIS, Fall 2019

Safety Engineer 

Rocket team, Fall 2019

Design & Content Manager

Marketing team

Structural Engineer

FEA Specialist, Fall 2019

Recovery Engineer

Electronics, Fall 2019

Recovery Manager

ARIS, Fall 2019

Avionics Embedded Software

ARIS, Fall 2019

Payload Manager

ARIS, Fall 2019