Open Positions

Why we want you to join us!

Our team is made up of students from various academic backgrounds with a common interest in aerospace engineering. We are always looking for motivated students who want to join us and help us win the Spaceport America Cup. Joining Aris will give you the unique opportunity to get hands-on experience and our close ties with the industry will help you launch your career in the aerospace sector.

All of our members are unpaid volunteers and we generally differentiate between two types of members, core and tech-support. Core members will join us in New Mexico but are expected to put 2-3 days of work in per week, while tech-support works 1-2 days per week. Both types of members though are equally integrated into a close-knit team of friends and colleagues working towards a common goal: space!

As we are a student association, all postitions are unpaid and we cannot offer any internships.


Your dream job is not listed?

We’re happy to hear about it anyway! Tell us what you’d love to do!