Project Manager Hybrid Rocket Engine

Our student initiative is based at ETH Zürich (Hönggerberg) and inspires students across Switzerland in hands-on space engineering challenges through collaboration with academia and industry.

Beside the rocket projects going to the Spaceport America Cup, ARIS established in 2018 a research project to develop, build and test a hybrid rocket engine. For the second round, an interdisciplinary core team of up to 15 students is formed to enhance and test the design of the first generation engine!

As project manager your main responsibility is to hold the team together and be a leading role. Tasks include:

  • Create and share a vision
  • Keep the overview over the whole project
  • Plan on the long run (time-schedule with important milestones)
  • Define main work packages and milestones
  • Enhance the potential of every team member, push them through hard times and keep the motivation high
  • Set up and lead team meetings, communicate & plan with other ARIS teams
  • Represent the team and connect with industrial as well as academic partners

From each our team members we expect:

  • We expect you to spend 3-4 days a week on the project and be able to join team meetings and workshops in Zurich
  • Be proactive and able to take responsibility
  • Fail, get up and learn from it
  • Take responsibilities over a team of 10+ people
  • Set the motivational benchmark for the team
  • You don’t have to be a specialist yet but you are willing to become one!
What do you get?

By participating in this unique challenge you will:

  • Learn how to deal with critical decisions
  • Handle tough times as a leader
  • Take initiative outside of the class room and gain hands-on experience
  • Establish and grow your network in industry and academia
  • Be part of a friendly community, grow as a unit and build life-long friendships
  • Kick start your career!
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Position: Project Manager Hybrid Rocket Engine

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Employment Type
Project Manager
Beginning of employment
September 2019
Duration of employment
2 Semesters
Working Hours
3-4 days/week
Date posted
March 26, 2019