To the stratosphere and beyond

The Swiss Space Initiative ARIS brings students together who are passionate about rocket engineering and space.

Project TELL: Designing and building a rocket

The goal of project TELL is to design, build and launch a sounding rocket for the Spaceport America Cup, an international university rocket engineering competition in New Mexico USA, June 2018. The Project TELL Team builds a rocket with a 4 kg payload that can fly up to altitudes of 30’000 ft and recover completely post-flight. Over 100 teams from world-renowned universities take part in this competition

Team of technology and space enthusiasts

The key to success is a highly interdisciplinary team. Our team consists of over 40 students from ETH Zürich, HSLU and ZHAW with backgrounds ranging from electrical and mechanical engineers to material scientists and physicists as well as management students. A shared fascination and passion for technology and space unites us.